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CaptainU, the leading college football recruiting software company is providing free online player profiles and tools to help participants maximize their exposure to college coaches.

Prime Time football players click here to create your free online player profile to host your football stats, positions, highlight videos and academic information to make it easy for college coaches to find you.


Jay Fiedler knows what it means to be a student-athlete, having earned his Engineering Sciences degree from Dartmouth College while helping the football team go on to capture 2 Ivy League titles in his 3 years as a varsity starter.  He has a passion for not only teaching the sport of football, but also for helping young men strive to become all around student-athletes who succeed inside the classroom as well as on the field and in the community.  Since PrimeTime Football began in 1999, Jay has mentored and advised many student-athletes who have gone on to success at all levels of college and professional football.  Jay owes a great deal of his success to the mentoring of his high school football coach, Frank Luisi.

Coach Frank Luisi advises all of our athletes who have aspirations of playing football at the college level.  He is an expert advisor for college bound student-athletes and also works as an executive of the Nassau County Football Coaches Association and the National Foootball Foundation.  He has been associated with high school football for over 35 years, which has provideded him the opportunity to amass a tremendous network of college and professional coaching contacts at  his disposal.  His efforts have helped hundreds of student-athletes achieve their dream of playing football in college.

Our June overnight camp welcomes many college coaches from all levels as guest coaches.  Coaches from top level FBS Division 1 schools as well as coaches from Division 3 schools and all levels in between have been participating in Jay Fiedler’s PrimeTime Football Camp since it began in 1999.  Attending the June camp at Brookwood Camps will give each student-athlete a chance to showcase their talents in front of many college coaches looking for hidden talent.


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