The following messages and testimonials is a sampling of what we receive from coaches, parents, and players.  We enjoy working with all of our athletes and appreciate the overwhelming response that has poured in from everyone.
 **From a parent of an 8th grader who attended our passing clinics (11/6/15)
Thus far, Daniel has 13 TD passes and ONE pic thru 7 games. As I have conveyed to you guys before…..I feel VERY strongly that much (if not ALL) of Daniels success is a direct result of the work you gentleman have done with him…Everyone has commented on not only how well he has thrown the ball, but also on how much his footwork has improved.” –Greg S.
**From a Former multi-year Camper at our June overnight camp (2/21/14)
“My brother and I appreciate the opportunity to have met you, your family and to work with you guys as well. Your camp was a meaningful and fun experience for my teammates and I. We were able to learn the game from experienced coaches all throughout the country, it gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents to these coaches and we were also able to meet NFL players. Second to none.”
–Luis F., played college football at Bucknell and currently teaches within the NYC Board of Education
**From Parents of 9th Grade QB (3/19/13)**
“Thank you so very much for the video on Matty.  My husband and I really appreciate what you are doing with him….your clinic with your informative and educational analysis of his quarterbacking, is exactly what we were looking for to help him out.  Matty loved working with you last week and is eager to learn more.  He found your video of him to be helpful and is looking for forward to working with you tomorrow night.  Thank you so much, again, for all you are doing.  Please give a special thanks to your brother, for being so very helpful to us!”–Judy & Tony I.
**From HS Coach and Parent of 10th Grade QB (9/30/12)**
“Jay is by far the best I have seen in teaching fundamentals of the QB position in my 20+ years of coaching football.  After watching him work for 2 hours with my son, I learned so much that I came back the next time with a note pad.”—Coach Jim Esposito, Bishop Ford HS

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