The Spring Clinic Passing Sessions are back at Massapequa’s Field of Dreams Park from 7-9pm each Tuesday night from March 21st until May 23rd.  Join other up and coming and established players in the Tri-State area who come to work with former NFL Quarterback Jay Fiedler to improve their skills in the offseason.  Coach Fiedler has proven himself to be the top passing game instructor in the Northeast, working with players of all skill levels and developing their games to advance to the next level.  His work with Trevor Siemian (Northwestern to Broncos starter) and Joe Callahan (DIII Wesley College to Packers) helped them go from little known college players to earning positions in the NFL.  He has also worked with players in college, high school, middle school, and as young as 2nd graders for almost 20 years helping them achieve their goals by improving their skills.  Come see for yourself why players in the area with a thirst for improving their game attend the Prime Time Passing Clinics.  Contact us with any questions at 631-321-1703 or info@primetimecamps.com.


Off-Season Training: How much is enough?

For youth and high school football players across the nation, football season has either ended or is coming to a close.  High School and youth league playoffs are in full swing.  Many parents and active kids are now asking the question, “What comes next?”  There’s pressure to participate in year round practices and training in one sport in order to keep from falling behind those who are putting in the hours and days working on their skills in a specific sport or even a specific position within a sport.  This emphasis on year round training can lead to injury and burnout and especially for the developing youth athlete, can have negative effects on advancing their athletic skills.

Based on my experiences growing up and developing my athletic skills, there was nothing better for me than to work on something different each season.  I went from football in the fall to basketball in the winter to track & field in the spring.  And my summers were filled with a variety of all sports and activities.  When I was playing basketball or running track and field, I was actually developing skills which helped me to become a better football player.  Speed, strength, quickness, reactive training, spatial awareness, body control and body awareness were all athletic aspects which were developed a little differently in each sport, yet benefited every sport I played.

All of the football players I have trained have heard from me that the best way to get better is to compete athletically, no matter what sport you are playing.  That is why my off-season clinics are designed to teach the fundamentals of the passing game in football for both quarterbacks and receivers without an overburdened schedule.  We provide clinics only once a week during the early part of the off-season with an emphasis on training that will keep an athlete in tune with specific football techniques even while they participate in other activities.  It is no surprise that many of the athletes we have trained at Prime Time Football play other sports, yet still excel when the football season comes around.  We have trained multiple County award winners in football, keeping them sharp and focused while they play other sports like basketball, wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, and more.

Call or email us for more details on how the Prime Time Football Passing Clinics can benefit you.

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Overnight Camp for all positions coming up soon (June 9th-11th)

The 19th Annual Jay Fiedler’s Prime Time Football Camp is almost here.  Be sure to sign up before it’s too late.  Current and former NFL players, college coaches from throughout the northeast, and top HS coaches will be teaching fundamental skills for all positions.  Daily competitions will provide a platform to work with your teammates, showcase your skills, and get noticed.  Open to all positions entering grades 5-12 for Fall of 2017.

For a link to the camp brochure and sign up information, click here.

For more information call us at 631-321-1703 or email us at info@primetimecamps.com